RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2017

My work stems from a love of the local landscape and a strong belief in our human need for nature connection. If you desire a beautiful, nourishing place in which to unwind and enjoy with others, I can help you make best use of your space.

I discovered my love for plants and the outdoors back in 2001, when I realised gardening allowed me to forget the stresses of my office job. Next came a phase of passionate learning, followed by a move back home to rural Derbyshire from the city.

While setting up my gardening business, by day I worked at a local nursery and by night  I devoured horticultural books. I learned about plants, practical horticulture skills and there began my understanding of how we use and enjoy our outdoor spaces. As Clients began asking me for garden designs, the business grew. We now have a team which includes 2 more gardeners, who help me to plant and maintain new projects.

In 2016 I qualified in Permaculture design. Permaculture is about striving to work with nature rather than control it. It allows close observation and appreciation for natural systems and promotes designing in a mindful, ethical resilient and sustainable way.

In 2017 I attended courses at Schumacher College on Mindful living, which have substantially shaped my design philosophy. Gardens offer reflective, mindful spaces to connect with nature and ourselves.

I’m passionate about gardens as play spaces, social spaces, learning spaces and places to unwind. I continue to be fascinated by how returning to nature restores our wellbeing.

Visually, I aim to make gardens look ‘undesigned’, as if they evolved rather than being imposed. I draw from the local landscape and vernacular architecture to create sympathetic designs.

For further information call  07803 604142  or email  enquires@reneebrailsfordgardens.co.uk